In the previous episode of Ishq Mein Marjawan, Deep tries to figure out about Arohi’s death. He goes to meet the girl, Kali, who was in the jail with Arohi. Arohi and Chawanni follow him and find out what he is up to. Meanwhile, the family tries to figure out how they can free Virat from jail. Read on below to find out what happens in tonight’s episode of Ishq Mein Marjawan.

7:30-35 PM: The episode begins with Roma expressing her affections for Deep and Tara’s child. Arohi says that she is happy that the doctor has said that their child is healthy. Roma says that she is happier because of what Deep has done. Arohi is confused, Roma says that Virat will be free because of Deep. 

7:37-40 PM: Roma is furious with Deep over Virat’s video that was leaked in the media. Roma thinks that it is Deep’s fault. However, Deep silently thinks about Tara and how she must have conspired this. Roma slaps Deep and says that she wants her son back.

7:41-44 PM: Arohi meets Virat and talks about how an insider from the house must have made the video. Virat is suspicious of Tara’s intentions and wants to be sure if she genuinely wants to help him as her sister or wants the information just as Deep’s wife. Deep questions Arohi about the video. Arohi turns the argument against him by playing the victim. 

7:45-53 PM: Deep and Arohi eventually reconcile when Deep apologises. He takes her out on a romantic date. However, it was all a part of Deep’s plan to find out if she is really Tara. He gives her a special juice which is good for both her and the child’s health.

7:58-00 PM: Deep tells her about Niku and why he kept her alive. He also tells her that he is treating her worse than he had treated Arohi. Arohi is shattered to hear this.

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