In the previous episode of Ishq Mein Marjawan, Arohi meets Virat and talks about how an insider from the house must have made the video. Virat is suspicious of Tara’s intentions and wants to be sure if she genuinely wants to help him as her sister or wants the information just as Deep’s wife. Deep questions Arohi about the video. Arohi turns the argument against him by playing the victim. Read on below to find out what happens in tonight’s episode.

7:30-34 PM: Deep says that he will make a big revelation that will expose who is behind everything. Roma taunts him and says that he only makes false promises. Arohi starts wondering about what Deep is up to and recalls incidents from the past. 

7:35-39 PM: Arohi calls Chawanni and tells him to get Tara’s fingerprints in a similar glass. Arohi searches for the glass in the entire room and Deep suddenly comes into the room at that moment. Arohi tries to make an excuse and says that she wants to eat cake and she should get it for her. Deep gets suspicious.

7:40-43 PM: Chawanni brings the glasses. Deep brings the ice-cream and finds Tara searching for something in the room. Arohi instantly says that she was searching for the earrings. Deep offers her juice and says that he has made it himself. Arohi is reluctant to drink that and Deep’s suspicions are confirmed.

7:43-47 PM: Deep mixes something in the cake because of which Arohi starts getting dizzy. She realises that it is his plan and texts Chawanni right away. As Chawanni tries to divert Deep’s attention with a hoax call, Arohi tries to search for the glass. However, she isn’t completely conscious and breaks it accidentally.

7:57-59 PM: Deep threatens the people at the lab to provide him with the reports and will not entertain any excuses. Arohi eavesdrops on his conversation and wonders if he is talking about Niku.

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