Joker movie review: The 2-hour three-minute movie, Joker, in short, will make you question if it’s ironical or a snorkel for sanity, keeping you glued to the screens till the very last minute, Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck is a haunting yet an eerie tale with cringe-worthy, questionable moments. One of a kind, anti-hero movie, Joker is a combination of ups and downs, struggles, and goosebumps. Helmed by Hangover series director Todd Phillips, the movie also stars Frances Conroy, Robert De Niro, and Brett Cullen, but sadly in comparison to Phoenix, the cast fails to capture our attention. 

 Living in the city struck by hard times, Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix) is a common man who aspires to be a standup comedian but suffering from behavioral disorder leads him to burst out laughing in any emotional situation, unfortunately, rather than laughing at his jokes, the world laughs at him which pushes him one fine day to lose his sanity and becomes the chaos maker Joker. Helmed by Todd Phillips, the movie Joker rather than being a superhero story is a supervillain one, and with the mixture of editing, background score, and the special effects, the movie Joker turns out to be a haunting yet intriguing tale of psychological drama.

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Set against the background of 1980’s Gotham City, the movie Joker will keep you at the edge of your seat with its high on voltage scenes to mind-blowing climax, the movie is an intriguing, crazy and a disturbing tale which makes you question the society and opens your eyes to the grim realities of life. With Joaquin’s intense acting, all we can say is that his Oscar-worthy performance needs all the nominations and awards one can deserve! Not giving much to the storyline of the movie Joker, check out the trailer of the film here, to see what you would be missing by not watching this impactful psychological drama movie!

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