After exchanging rings in the Bahamas, Celebrity couple Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are back in the spotlight. As the duo give major relationship goals with their sparkling chemistry, Justin and Hailey were spotted entering a marriage bureau. According to the latest buzz, an eyewitness revealed that the American singer was seen saying to his fiance that he cannot wait to marry her and thanked the court official for keeping it on the DL.

With this, several reports suggest that the duo were at the marriage bureau to collect their marriage licence and would be getting married on a later date. Responding to the speculations doing round on the internet, Hailey took to her official Twitter handle to state that she understands where it is coming from but she is not married yet. However, she soon deleted the tweet raising several eyebrows.

Since Justin and Hailey have apparently got their marriage license, the duo will be seen tying the knot soon as a marriage license in New York is valid for only 60 days and the duo would have to get married in next 2 months.

Speaking about their wedding, TMZ reports that the celebrity couple will be reportedly getting hitched in Canada. A source close to a leading entertainment daily revealed that the duo has been telling their close friends and family that they want a small wedding with nothing too over the top.

Confirming their engagement on his official Instagram account, Justin had earlier stated that he is in love with everything about Hailey and is committed to spend his life getting to know her and loving her patiently and kindly. Stating that his heart is completely and fully hers, he promised her to always keep her first.

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