He grows up in the United States and becomes a doctor. But Dr Bharath aka Kaali (Vijay Anthony) nightmares make him come to India in search of his real parents and to find out what happened to them. He makes way to where he was found and learns that his mother, Parvathy, died when he was two trying to save him from a raging bull. So who is his father? That is the quest that Kaali goes on. ‘Kaali’ is a film that is perhaps a crime thriller but unfortunately, it flounders quite a bit. The first half of the film which should set the tone is really slow and doesn’t keep the audience hooked.

The second half unravels who the mystery father of Kaali is but again the narrative is staid and the story is old wine in a new bottle. This is director Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi’s second film as director and it comes after a gap of about three years. While she has tried to deliver the old concept in a new manner (using Vijay Anthony in all the flashbacks for instance), it doesn’t give us a sense of the importance and urgency as to how and why Kaali wants to find out who his father is.

The three stories of the big man in the village, the robber and the priest are connected and the way the three romances are narrated is decent fare. Anjali doesn’t have too much of a role while Sunainaa and Amritha do justice to theirs.

Kaali is a film that will perhaps appeal to Vijay Anthony’s niche audience he has created with his films.

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