South Superstar Kamal Haasan, who is all set to announce his new political party and its guiding principles on February 21, has bid his long-due adieu to cinema. In an interview with India Today, the actor turned politician revealed, “I am earnest. I am not here to improve my bank account. I could have led a happy, retired, popular life. My decision to come into politics is, as I do not want to die merely as an actor. I will die in the service of people and that I have promised myself.” He further stated, “Except for the two films which are coming out, there will be no more films for me.”

When he was questioned on whether he would stick to politics even if he loses in the elections, Haasan said, “I will have to do something for an honest living. But I don’t think I am going to lose.” He further added, “I may not have been a political entity but we have been in social service for 37 years. In these 37 years, we have collected about 10 lakh loyal workers. They are with me for the past 37 years. At my instruction, they have engaged more and more younger people in our welfare movement over the years including about 250 lawyers. All would become volunteers.”

Expressing his discontentment over the rising Hindu extremism, Kamal Haasan stated that he does not plan to align with the saffron colour (BJP) and added, “It is not yet looming large but it will if you allow it to go on in this direction, which we should not. We have a reputation to keep. We need to keep talking to them, dialogue is the only way.” The superstar further clarified, “I cannot be hating Hindus or be the virodhi (opponent) of Hindus as I have many in the family. I am just saying this kind of extremism is bad for our lot.”

Talking about his decision to enter politics, Kamal Haasan stated that he had made the decision to enter politics 10 to 12 years ago but he was not sure about it. “I can’t keep complaining and get angry. You have to (get into politics). Unless you do that you cannot bring the reforms I am envisioning for Tamil Nadu.” The superstar also clarified that he does not dream of being a Chief Minister and stated, “I dream of things that I can do for the people.”

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