Superstar and now a politician, Kamal Haasan has been invited by Harvard University to give a keynote on February 10th, 2018. This is the second time the legendary actor will be seen speaking at the prestigious B-School. He had earlier spoken at Harvard in 2016 on the topic of freedom of speech. This time Haasan will be speaking about Tamil Nadu and what are the issues plaguing the state at the annual Indian Conference of the University. “The topic is Tamil Nadu.I chose to speak on it out of sheer necessity. Our state has sunk to the lowest depth. It affecting my dignity as a man, even more as a Tamilian.” A few weeks away from announcing the name of his political party, Haasan is taking the issue to a bigger level so that people become aware of what is happening.

“I yearn to see my state rise to the height it deserves. The rise of my state will translate into the rise of my nation. Harvard is a seat of learning like our Nalanda University. If only we had continued that tradition without any break, we would have been holding such seminars at least 200 years back. These platforms are important and can’t be neglected. This is going to be an engagement with more fortunate minds who availed an opportunity to seek knowledge. A place that dispenses knowledge, for money or free, is still a seat of wisdom. Having their ears, even though only momentarily, is a great opportunity,” explained Haasan.

Kamal Haasan will set off on his Tamil Nadu state tour on February 21 and conclude the tour on February 24. He will be traveling to numerous southern districts and meeting people to understand their issues and aspirations. He will also announce the name of his party on February 21. As of now, people in Tamil Nadu and his fans are eagerly waiting for his announcement.

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