Kangana Ranaut on social causes: Kangana Ranaut who had time and again raised her voice on significant issues has opened up about the celebrity endorsements which are being made on the social issues. In an interview to a leading daily, she pointed out that few artistes are indeed cynical when it comes to endorsing ads on social issues, but she doesn’t belong to such kind of a category. However, it’s completely different if she is supposed to do stupid things on a platform created by her. For instance, supporting a cause doesn’t mean to sit and fiddle with their thumb.

Kangana Ranaut elaboratively said that an effective solution will only be visible if everyone together comes out to raise their voice. Kangana Ranaut said that in her initial 20s, she felt that she would do a charity, but now she had felt that one person is insignificant in a series of the scheme of things. For such things, it is necessary to get everyone together. As this is not one person’s work. However, this time it is difficult for people to contribute.

Specifically speaking about the noble cause, Kangana Ranaut said that when she was 8 or 9 years old, her father told her rings of a tree to represent its age. An intriguing Kangana Ranaut used to count on the life of a tree whenever someone used to cut it down. She used to wonder the inhumanity of a selfish human who used to cut a tree when it comes to the consumption of the resources.

Sharing her views regarding the latest Amazon fire, she said that issues like Amazon fire is significant issues and concerns towards it really mattered a lot but these concerns were nowhere to be found during Cauvery or Chennai droughts. No one stood up or propagated awareness for any such issue. From Arrey colony incident to issues related to a film being stuck in Censor Board, but the messiahs of the industry don’t come out in open to support such issues. Obviously, the industry is more self-centered as it has misplaced passion and manipulative.

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