Kapil Sharma who has become a new father to a little baby girl Anayra is getting enough time to spend with the family and with a little munchkin. He is a newly made father and at this time everyone wants to spend maximum time with the baby. Lockdown is not that bad for the famous comedian as he got what he wished for. He got all his time just to spend with Anayra.

Well, he is not knowing the growing Anayra but his also learning more about other family members that he might not know before during the usual life. Undoubtedly, Kapil Sharma is a brand name and his fan following is exceptionally great.

He is a busy man who makes everyone happy with his commendable comedian skills. During quarantine Kapil unveils that he saw the other side of his mom, he can see the change in her age and not just her daughter is getting into another phase but everyone is turning out into the new one. He observed in the past few days that her mother has started behaving like a child in her old age.

He is definitely enjoying the quality time with her new family and her old one. Kapil believed that it is not that bad you can get time for what that you always wanted to but never does because of lack of time. So here is the most comfortable time and atmosphere to live those moments. This is what Kapil Sharma is doing at home during the quarantine.

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