Koffee with Karan is back in the controversies and how! Known to brew the coffee with celebrity gossips and revelations, the show has stooped a new low with its latest episode that had Indian cricketers Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul on the couch. From wearing the badge of a womaniser with all prowess and to his distasteful comments, Hardik Pandya brought shame to cricket community, but also millions of young people who looked up to him.

But, what is equally disturbing is filmmaker Karan Johar, the host of the show’s silence. Agree, you want the glam and millions of people watching the show more than your films ( a point which you emphasised in one of the episodes of Season 6) but at what cost?! As someone who holds a power of privilege and takes the onus of being one of the most influential personalities of Indian Film Industry, silence is not an option.

From passing off misogyny with a chuckle and laugh to letting it air with no holds a bar, the one to be blamed then is not solely Hardik Pandya. After watching the episode, one cannot help but notice the double standards when one expresses strong views on making the film industry safer and better and lending support to the #MeToo movement versus the unending silence to apparent sexism and misogyny.

Not apology, support or activism, what we expect and need are proactive steps towards an equal and respectable society that condones such behaviour.

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