Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Karim Morani, daughters Zoa and Shaza to soon donate blood after surpassing their 14-days isolation

COVID-19 patient: After fully recovered from COVID-19, Karim Morani with his daughters Zoa and Shaza will soon be going to donate their blood as they are cured of the infection. In the latest interview given to a leading website, Zoa said, in this coming week her whole family will donate their blood to help other patients suffering from the same.

Morani further added, after recovery they now can provide blood as it consists of antibodies that might boost other patients’ immune systems to recover fast. Meanwhile, her father and sister’s isolation period is also about to complete, to date, their family is following all the guidelines given by the Medical staff.

The family is also taking extra care of his father as he is a heart patient and they all are maintaining social distancing at home. Talking about the symptoms of COVID-19 patient, she said, well the symptoms are not the same for everyone, likewise no symptoms were shown in her father’s case. While Shaza got severe headaches and fever.


On the other hand, she suffered all these symptoms including sputum, itchy eyes, with uneasiness in the chest, she said. Zoa also spoke about her experience as a COVID-19 patient and said though she was scared of her condition and worried during her stay at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital. When she saw other patients with are much more serious condition, she felt grateful to God as she managed the symptoms speedily. Zoa said, people were on ventilators and oxygen masked was given to them as their symptoms were 10 times stronger than her’s.




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