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Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 February 28, 2020 written update: Prerna leaves basubari

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 February 28, 2020 written update: Anurag got to know that her daughter received blood from some unknown donor. Anurag got suspicious because his blood does not match with Sneha and some random man came and gave the blood. Anurag was eager to know about the donor, his suspicion took him to the nurse he asked the nurse that who gave the blood for her daughter.

The nurse took her to the reception and asked the ward boy to get the register where the donor list is updated. Then the nurse said that the man who came to donate the blood was in a hurry and had no time to meet the Basu family so he left in urgency. Nivedita also got to know that Anurag was not the donor of the blood and some random man came to donate the blood.

Anurag then saw the register where a person wrote RB at the place of a signature. Anurag went Basubari and check if the signatures match with Rishab Bajaj. Anurag then realized that the child belongs to Mr Bajaj. He did not say a word and accepted the truth but Mohini lashed out on Prerna and said that she gave birth to Bjaj’s child.

Prerna gets offended because of Mohini’s allegation on her, Anurag then came and said that he doesn’t if the child belongs to Bajaj. Prerna got offended after listening to it and said that means he doubted on her. Prerna left the house in anger and Anurag blamed his mother for Prerna’s action.


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