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Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2, March 4, 2020 written update: Prerna comes back to Kolkata

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2, March 4, 2020 written update: In the beginning g of the episode it has been shown tht Prerna is quite happy with her new life but she did not forget her past. Perna went to Mr Bajaj and remind her of their deal. Then the episode went back to 8 years when Prerna was about to commit suicide but Mr Bajaj did not let this happen and took her to London.
Perna agreed to her but put the condition that she will come back to Kolkata to take revenge from Anurag. Mr Bajaj explained to her that she is a weak woman and she will break into pieces when she will go in front of Anurag. Rishab Bajaj finally convinced her after her condition. Then 8 years later when Prerna won the title of Business lady she said that she is enough strong now and would go to Kolkata to take her revenge.
Rishab Bajaj told her that she won the title because he did not let her competition rise, then Prerna said that there are 3 companies on her name. Mr Bajaj again reminds her that those companies were also there because of him. He said that he did not want to spoiler her victory day but just don’t want to leave her. But somehow Prerna convinced her and leave for Kolkata.

Prerna also took Cookie with her after a lot of requests. Bajaj also agreed to send her because he could not tolerate her without Prerna. Cookie went to India so that she could find a dream boy for her.

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