Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Kashish Thakur uploaded a video on his instagram defending Neha Dhupia

Bollywood actor Neha Dhupia is being severely trolled for giving clarification on adultery. Neha is a gange leader of the show “Roadies Revolution”and nowadays after reprimanding a contestant for slapping his girlfriend, became a social media victim. Neha on social media has become a subject of meme where every one is trolling her.
Kashish Thakur,winner of Roadies Xtereme 2018 has taken that matter into consideration and posted a video defending Neha Dhupia. In that particular video it can be clearly depicted that Neha yelled at a contestant for slapping a male personality by taking the advantage of being feminine.So Kashish Thakur ,through his video wanted to clear doubts of netizens that Neha talks about gender eqality instead of blabbering about Feminism.
Kashish took to his instagram by sharing a video in which Neha is yelling at Iram for giving a tight slap to Kashish in the show.Neha also said that slap only when you have the courage to face that slap in return.
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Neha has clearly stated that women empowerment was never meant to slap and raise voices to men unnecessarily.She rather talks more about gender equality in her show. Netizens have misread her thought process and made her social media victim of which Neha is extremely upset.
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Not only Kashish Thakur other Bollywood actor have also lent Neha a moral support after noticing the posts on her opinion about physical abuse and adultery. Neha, on Saturday also spoke about her comment on cheating and so on. Neha wrote a big paragraph about her show and statement as well. Have a look at it,
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