Bigg Boss 14 wildcard contestant Kavita Kaushik who was evicted from the show in the last elimination as she received the least number of votes, has shared a cryptic post on Twitter. Kavita was eliminated from the show along with one other contestant of Bigg Boss 14, Nishant Singh Malkhani.

While Kavita was evicted by voters, Nishant was made to leave after an internal vote out, where housemates from the green zone voted against him. Taking it to Twitter, Kavita shared a cryptic post where she wrote, “Know your truth, nothing else matters.” Further, she thanked their true fans.

Kavita, when she was inside the Bigg Boss house, received massive backlash from Bigg Boss viewers as she was accused of making way too personal comments on Eijaz Khan. Kavita Kaushik revealed on national television about Eijaz being lonely during the lockdown and requesting Kavita to cook for him. Kavita also spoke about Eijaz being depressed and disturbed.

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When Kavita entered Bigg Boss in the third week of the show as a wild card contestant, Eijaz expressed excitement as he claimed that Kavita was her close friend. After Eijaz became the captain of the house, tables turned as Kavita and Eijaz landed in an altercation and Kavita screamed that Eijaz was never her friend. Kavita said that she only cooked food for Eijaz and was never friends with him.

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