In the previous episode, King and Abhi sign the contract for the album. King calls Abhi home for dinner and asks him to bring his wife along. At school, Sunny invites Kiyara to his place and Pragya agrees to send her. Abhi calls Tanu and asks her to come along for the party.

9:00pm- Abhi enters King’s house and feels like Pragya is around. Tarun comes to host him. Abhi ensures him that he’ll be okay. 

9:03pm- After seeing the decoration of the party, Abhi becomes more curious to meet King’s wife.

9:04pm- At the Mehra house, dadi asks whether Disha has made her laddoos. Dasi ensures her that she would. Dadi tries to play football with Sunny but sprains her ankle. Seeing her in pain, Kiyara comes to help her. Sunny tells everyone that Kiyara is his classmate. She asks Mitali for warm water.

9:08pm- Dasi feels Kiyara talks like Pragya and is in awe of Kiyara. Dadi asks her her mother’s name and just as she is about to answer, Mitali brings in warm water. 

9:11pm- At the party, King compliments Pragya. He welcomes Abhi to the party but also taunts him as he has not brought his wife along. Abhi expresses his desire to meet his wife and King calls out her name. Abhi is shocked at hearing Pragya’s name.

9:19pm- Abhi wonders about how he hasn’t been able to forget Pragya even after so many years. Kiyara meets Disha and she reminds her of Pragya. She expresses her desire to meet her but Kiyara says that she is busy today. 

9:21pm- Kiyara asks Sunny where Abhi is and he says he’s gone for a party.

9:22pm- Abhi sits at the bar and can’t stop remembering Pragya. Pragya comes and stands beside him, with his back towards her. They mistakenly have water from the same glass. Abhi turns around but by that time, Pragya has gone away.

9:28pm- King calls Pragya so that he can get her to meet Abhi. 

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