In the previous episode, Pragya tells everyone that Simonica is alive and was seen commuting in a car. But no one believes her as can be seen when Abhi and Poorab talk to each other about what Pragya said, Poorab says that he feels Pragya is traumatised and therefore hallucinating.

9:00pm- Karan gives water to Taapsee and asks her tell what happened? Taapsee cries and says she can’t show her face to anyone now. Karan asks if all that happened with you. Taapsee says no and cries.  

9:03pm- Pragya confronts Simonika for trapping Abhi with a full proof plan. She says now Abhi will be freed and asks her to come.

9:04pm- Simonika asks her to leave her and says she is not Simonika, but Avantika Sahani. Pragya accuses her of games and asks her to help get her husband out of jail

9:06pm- They both threaten to call the police, as Pragaya calls Purab to come see for himself and he leaves for the address.

9:09pm- Simonica’s lookalike is still trying to defend her new identity to Pragya as Pragya attempts to shake her down. 

9:10pm- On the other hand, Rishabh and Preeta are trying to uncover Karan’s truth before accusing him of hurting Tapsee. 

9:20pm- Rishabh asks Sameer to spy on Karan and Taapsee, in order to find out what they are talking about, as he and Preeta wait to uncover the conversation. 

9:23pm- Karan confronts Taapsee on the identity of the girl she claims she saw and sh describes her as a witch with long unruly hair and was wearing a bad-smelling perfume

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