Kumkum Bhagya 11 July 2018 Full Episode Written Updates: In the previous episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Abhi comes back home from the hospital. Sunny comes to meet him and asks him to tell everyone to never disallow him from meeting him. He goes to Abhi’s room and tells him that Kiyara would come to meet him the next day. Next morning, a broker calls Poorab telling him to come down and look for houses he has shortlisted.

9:01pm- Everyone realises that Poorab is going to look for a new house and they try to talk him out of it but al in vain. Abhi and Alia enter into a conversation in his room. Tanu comes and taunts Alia. Alia responds asking her to pay attention in her life and make sure that Pragya does not return back into Abhi’s life. She also tells her about her plans with Poorab and why she wants him to go away. Tanu tells her that everyone is stopping her from going away.

9:06pm- Poorab and Disha reiterate that they need to leave to the house. Disha tells dasi that she’d come and visit them frequently. Alia tells everyone why Poorab and Disha need to leave. She asks Poorab to get out of the house immediately.

9:10pm- Dadi takes Poorab and Disha’s side that tells Alia that they will not leave. Alia fights with her and asks him to leave immediately. Disha jumps in the conversation and in retaliation to it, she tries to get voilent with her. Poorab stops her. 

9:14pm- Alia tells Poorab that they will not be bothered by what Poorab and Disha go through. Poorab gets agitated and asks Disha to pack bags immediately as they’d leave the same day. Dadi and Dasi try to stop them but Poorab does not listen. 

9:22pm- Just as they are about to leave, Abhi stops Poorab by holding him back. Abhi confronts Alia about her still having feelings for him. 

9:28pm- Abhi comes downstairs and tells Alia that he’ll leave if Poorab leaves the house.

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