In the previous episode, Pragya tells Abhi that he has not right over her as he had let her go long ago. He leaves the party before the cake is cut. Kiyara manages to win everyone’s heart at Mehra house. Dasi tells Poorab that she feels Kiyara resembles Pragya. 

9:00pm- Abhi leaves the party and while driving, he remembers all that had unveiled at the party- King introducing him to Pragya, his talks with Pragya. Pragya at her home remembers how Abhi tries to express  his ownership at her as her husband. She is sad at whatever has happened.

9:03pm- At Mehra house, Kiyara tells Poorab that he must come home early and spend time with Disha. He remembers how Pragya used to ask him to do the same. She has to leave and Poorab offers to drop her home.

9:05pm- Abhi reaches home and remembers old times when Pragya promised she’d never leave her. He cries remember Pragya’s questions at his marriage. Kiyara walks up to him and asks him why he is crying. Abhi tells her that she must go home but she says she can’t go back until he stops crying. 

9:07pm- Abhi tells her that he is crying because he can’t find a way to correct his mistake. Kiyara tells him that she’ll not let him cry as she is with him. Abhi hugs her and starts crying. He also tells her how his dadi and wife used to wipe his tears when he used to cry. She tells him that she’ll not let him cry.

9:12pm- She asks him his problem and he tells her a story through dolls. She asks him to take back his doll from the one who has taken it. He tells her that it is impossible. However, he offers to drop her till her car.

9:19pm- Sunny requests Disha to save him from Tanu. He tells her what he did with Tanu. Poorab emotionally blackmails him to tell him what has happened. 

9:22pm- Kiyara comes back home and King tells him that Pragya is probably tired and went to her room in the middle of the party. 

9:26pm- Kiyara wonders why both- Abhi and Pragya- are sad. She asks her why she is sad. She tells her about Abhi and how she consoled him but Pragya is not paying attention.

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