In the previous episode, Pragya regrets not being able to get “Simonica” arrested. However, Avantika decides to take advantage of Pragya’s vulnerability and proposes a deal to her. She tells her that she’ll pretend to be Simonica in exchange of Abhi’s property and assets. Pragya is in a dilemma.

9:00pm- Karan is in his room, thinking about how much he hates Prithvi when he comes in. Prithvi taunts Karan about his reaction. He laughs at him for having failed in his challenge. He tells him that now he cannot do anything to stop his engagement. He tells him that even though he may be a cricket player, he cannot match Prithvi’s game. Karan asks him to get out of his house. 

9:05pm- Prithvi tells him that his purpose has been fulfilled by seeing him this way- frustrated and helpless. He tells him that he will make sure that he gets married to Preeta, despite his efforts.

9:06pm- Pragya tells Avantika that she cannot transfer properties in her name as she is not the owner on papers. Avantika tells her to transfer the house and the office onto her name, before the court proceedings. Avantika asks her to call her up when she makes up her mind. Pragya does not know what to do yet. She starts thinking of all the family members.

9:15pm- Pragya starts thinking of the past and starts crying when she finds Sarla waiting for her at home. She asks Sarla what should be of utmost importance to her- family and its happiness or the person due to whom this happiness is possible. Sarla responds saying that the person is more important as he is the reason for the happiness of the family. 

9:21pm- She tells her that Abhi’s presence will make everything alright and she believes in Pragya’s capacity to bring Abhi back. Dadi tells her that she is sure that Pragya won’t give up. Dadi asks her to save Abhi in return for anything. Pragya is now clear with what she has to do. 

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