Kumkum Bhagya 12 July 2018 Full Episode Written Updates: In the previous episode Kumkum Bhagya, Abhi hears everyone trying to stop Poorab from leaving the house. He comes downstairs and confronts Alia about her demands to ask Poorab to leave the house. When Alia is undeterred from her decision, Abhi packs his bags and iterates that he’ll leave the house too, if Poorab and Disha leave. 

9:00pm- Tanu asks Abhi what he is doing and Abhi shuts her up saying that she has no right over him as she hardly knows her. Poorab tries to pacify Abhi and asks him to stay. Abhi responds saying that Poorab cannot take such a big decision without asking him. He tells him he has no right to take away Sunny from him. He tells him he needs him and he cannot leave him alone.

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9:04pm- Abhi tells Poorab that he can either take him along with himself or stay. Alia tries to stop ABhi from leaving but Abhi is not to be deterred. Dadi and dasi also pack their bags and tell them that they’ll come along if Poorab and Abhi leave. 

9:06pm- Alia apologises for her mistake to Abhi. Abhi asks her to apologise to Poorab instead as she owes an apology to him. Abhi warns Alia about this being her last mistake towards Poorab. 

9:09pm- Alia is pissed at Abhi taking Poorab’s side and goes to her room. Alia swears to rectify her mistake and win Abhi’s heart over again. 

9:11pm- Everyone is in a light hearted moment and Abhi asks Disha to make him a cup of coffee. He also asks Poorab to apologise to him as he was trying to take such a big decision without consulting him. 

9:13pm- Kiyara asks Pragya whether she can go to Sunny’s house to which Pragya refuses. Kiyara pretends to be sad seeing which, Pragya agrees to let her go. Kiyara is happy and leaves for Sunny’s house. 

9:17pm- Alia goes to Disha’s room and apologises for her mistake.

9:23pm- Alia also mentions that she’ll make life her life miserable and she’ll be forced to leave the house.

9:29pm- Abhi goes to the kitchen to make milkshake for Kiyara and Disha comes in and is shocked at the state of the kitchen. Abhi says that he can go to any extent for Kiyara.

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