In the previous episode, Abhi returns to his house sad. Seeing him this way, Kiyara consoles him and tells him that he needn’t be sad as she is with him. When Kiyara returns home, she finds Pragya to be equally sad and when she asks her the reason, Pragya dismisses it saying that she is just extremely tired. 

9:00pm- Tanu wakes up from her sleep, only to see her face full of sketches. She comes down full of rage and starts shouting at Sunny. Sunny says that he hasn’t done anything but Tanu continues shouting. Everyone gathers around and starts laughing.

9:04pm- Pragya pretends to be okay the next morning and goes to drop Kiyara to school.

9:05pm- Poorab goes to the kitchen to talk to Disha but catches hold of her and embraces her. Alia comes to the kitchen to talk to Poorab about work. She calls him outside. 

9:09pm- Mitali taunts Alia about Disha and Poorab’s romance. She also praises Disha for her sweetness. Alia shuts her up. 

9:11pm- Abhi drops Sunny at his school and tells him not to do anything bad with Kiyara. Sunny says he’ll not to do anything wrong to her as she is his best friend now. Pragya comes to drop Kiyara to school and asks her not to fight with anyone. Kiyara forgets her tiffin in the car and Pragya goes behind her to give it to.

9:14pm- Kiyara sees Abhi and asks him how he is doing. Abhi thanks her for the care she extended to him. She asks him to bend down and gives him a kiss.

9:20pm- Kiyara sees Pragya and asks Abhi to hide but he wants to meet her mom and tell her how sweet Kiyara is. Kiyara gets him to hide inside a classroom and goes to talk to Pragya. Pragya instructs her to finish her lunch and leaves.

9:26pm- Abhi is in the principal’s room when he hears Pragya shouting to Kiyara. He runs out immediately only to find no one. He walks around, thinking of Pragya. Even Pragya feels now she’ll be in constant touch with him.

9:28pm- Pragya collides with a student and is about to fall down when Abhi catches hold of her and saves her from falling down. 

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