In the previous episode, Poorab gets hit by the truck Sangram is driving. He falls on the road, injured and semi conscious. Sangram tries to drag Disha away with him when she catches hold of a rod and manages to save herself from getting kidnapped. Somehow, she manages to take Poorab till their car, only to realise that somebody is sitting in there. She spots an open and vacant car and gets in. She manages to drive past Sangram, despite him blocking her way. Sangram starts following her on a bike.

9:00pm- Sangram follows Disha on a bike but Disha manages to ward him off.  Disha takes Poorab to the hospital and he is admitted into the ICU. She tries calling Pragya but her phone is not reachable. Disha calls Abhi and tells him that Poorab has met with an accident, she asks him to come to the hospital as soon as possible. 

9:04pm- The nurse asks Disha to wait for some time. Abhi decides to go to the hsopital without telling Pragya. Sangram’s men tell him that Disha has been successful is fleeing away from their hands. Disha is tensed. Abhi comes to the hospital and asks Disha to stop crying. The doctor tells them that Poorab is not in danger and they can take him back home.

9:06pm- Abhi and Disha bring him back home. Poorab is grateful to Disha for his life. Abhi takes Disha out of the room and tells her not to cry. She tells him that all this is happening because Sangram wants her. 

9:09pm- Disha gets a call from Sangram on her mobile. He threatens her by threatening Poorab’s life. Abhi takes the phone and talks to Sangram. He tells him that he has gotten “Wanted” posters in his name printed and stuck all arund the city. Abhi assures Disha that he won’t let anything happen to Poorab.

9:11pm- Sangram starts thinking about Abhi’s threat. Bali comes and tells him that all the roads have been barricaded and the police is on a lookout for him. Dadi asks Disha take care of Poorab.

9:14pm- Abhi tells them that he won’t be able to hide anything from  Pragya and she immediately comes to the room. 

9:21pm-  Pragya is shocked to see Poorab in this state. Poorab tells her that it is just a minor accident. She asks them why they didn’t tell her. Abhi tells her that it is nothing to be tensed about and therefore, he did not tell her. Pragya is very inquisitive. Abhi tells her that it is because of Sangram that Poorab is in this state.

9:23pm- Pragya asks Disha why she looks tensed. Disha tells her that now she is frightened with whatever Sangram has done. Pragya tells her that it is only because of her that Poorab is at home, hail and hearty. Disha tells Pragya that how bad Abhi must feel when she hides her actual identity from Abhi. Disha pleads her to reveal her actual identity to Abhi.

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