Kumkum Bhagya 13 July 2018 Full Episode Written Updates: Friday episode revolves around Abhi recalling Pragya and thinking that how would he had been if Pragya was here. He recalls the time when Kiara catches him. Abhi was talking while looking at Pragya’s pic. Kiara insists Abhi to show her the pic and somehow emotionally convince him. Then Sunny comes into the scene and asks Kiara whether she has come to see chucks or photo.

9:00 pm Friday episode starts in the kitchen with Abhi telling Disha that he will help in making in the strawberry shake while Disha asks Abhi to take rest. Both Diha and Purab then discuss that if Abhi would be having a daughter, she would have been like Kiara. Disha then goes to Tanu’s room and notices that she is boiling water in a heater kept in the room. Disha says that it is unsafe to keep the heater in the room, however, Tanu gets angry after Disha comes to the room. Meanwhile, Kiara enters the scene in Mehra Mansion while Abhi starts looking at Pragya’s picture.

9:12 pm Abhi while looking at the picture of Pragya says that he is missing her and upset that she did not come to meet him in the hospital but somewhere held himself responsible for whatever happened. However, He further says that he would have brought her home but then thinks that she wouldn’t have agreed to that. He now blames both of them.

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9:15 pm While this happens, Kiara suddenly comes and caught Abhi. She asks who was he talking too. Abhi replies saying that he was talking to his former girlfriend. Then Kiara asks Abhi that was he trying to cheat his wife. Abhi says he was just talking to the pic and thinking how would life had been if she would have been there. Then Kiara asks Abhi to show her the pic and somehow manages to convince Abhi. However, when he is about to show her the pic, but it falls near Sunny who picks it up and asks Kiara whether she has come to see chucks or Kiara. While Abhi is in a low mood, Kiara asks him to rest on her lap. Abhi rests on her head while Kiara tries to make Abhi feel better. During this, Abhi is remembring Pragya. On the other side, Pragya sees Abhi photo on her laptop and thinks about how she would tell Abhi that they have a daughter.

9:25 pm Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Tanu adds chilli instead of Caramel and is thinking about how to tell that she has added chilli in the chocolate. While Tanu tries to make an excuse about the chocolate, Mitali comes and tries to eat it. She finds that there is chilli in chocolate. Tanu asks her not to tell anyone about this and asks her that she will give her gold necklace. In the meanwhile, Disha arrives and gets to know about the chocolate and says that she will make it fine.

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