In the previous episode, Abhi goes to drop Sunny to school and Pragya comes to drop Kiyara. Abhi is walking around the school feeling Pragya’s presence and just then Pragya collides with a student and is about to fall down when he catches her.

9:00pm- Pragya falls into Abhi’s arms and immediately gets up. Just as she is about to walk away, Abhi holds her hand and stops her. Pragya asks him to let her go. Abhi tells her that he is very happy with his second marriage and Pragya tells him that even she is. Pragya says that King has taken care of her happiness. 

9:04pm- Abhi tells her that he hasn’t found time to remember her in the previous years. Pragya says that her new relationships are so good that she didn’t feel the need to remember old ones. Abhi asks her to stay away from him as he doesn’t want to see her face. Pragya walks away and Abhi drives away.

9:08pm- On his way back, Alia calls Abhi but he doesn’t pick up. Alia goes out to the drawing room looking for Poorab. She calls him out and tells him he should’ve gone to drop Sunny to school as he is his son. She is angry that Abhi hasn’t reached the venue for the meeting. Poorab points out that Alia is just frustrated after seeing him and Disha together in the kitchen. Alia makes it clear that she still feels for Poorab. Alia asks Poorab to leave the house with Disha so that she can live peacefully. 

9:22pm- Abhi goes to the meeting with the organiser and tells him that he doesn’t want to do the album. King points out that he shouldn’t have signed it in the first place. Abhi tells him that he is not accountable to him. The organiser reminds him of the penalty. King asks him to admit that he is scared of his fame.

9:25pm- When Abhi tells him he doesn’t want to do the album because of his wife, he gets angry.

9:29pm- Abhi tells him that his life has changed since he met Pragya.

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