In the previous episode, everyone, including Pragya, seem to have forgotten Abhi’s birthday and pretend to be preparing for Disha’s birthday. Simonica goes to the jewellery shop here Pragya has ordered the gift from and asks for an extra bag. the manager sees her writing “happy birthday Abhi” on it and is alerted as she is clad in a burqa and looks suspicious.  Simonica plans to pack a bomb in the gift pack so that everyone dies in the bomb blast for once and for all.

9:00pm- The jewellery shop manager calls Pragya to inform her about the lady who came to the shop and asked for a bag from the shop. Pragya gets alert as to who it might be.

9:03pm- Simonica’s men pack the bomb in the gift box and Simonica is in the mood take revenge.

9:04pm- Pragya goes to Poorab’s room and tells Poorab and Disha about the lady in the burqa who has been trying to do harm to Abhi all along. Poorab pacifies Pragya. 

9:06pm- Pragya comes downstairs and asks Robin to take back all the gifts. Poorab and Disha try to stop her. Sangram realises that when the bomb explodes, Disha will be in the house itself.

9:09pm- Tanu goes and tells Alia what she saw outside in the hall.

9:10pm- Pragya wants to cancel the party but Poorab tells her that the lady might come up with some other plan which they’ll be unaware about. This time around, they’ll be able to catch her easily, only if they are alert enough. Poorab ensures Pragya that he’ll protect Abhi and not let anything happen to him.

9:13pm- Pragya asks Disha to go check the CCTV footage. Sangram calls Simonica to inform her that Pragya was raging with anger.

9:15pm- Abhi decides to call Pragya to help him dress up but decides against it. Tanu comes to wish him but he sends her off.

9:16pm- Simonica reaches the Mehra house and swears to execute her plan well for the sake of her dead husband.

9:19pm- Pragya looks tensed and Disha tells her to relax or else everyone will come to know that something is bothering them. 

9:26pm- Dadis’ friends come to the party. Dadi removes the gift tag from the gift as they are pretending that the party is for Disha. Pragya is very tensed but Disha tells her taht the tension will begin when Abhi comes to the party.

9:30pm- Poorab is bringing in bags when everyone asks what is inside these bags. He tells everyone that he has bought gifts for him.

9:31pm- Poorab has called in a dance troupe to divert the killer’s attention so that they can begin checking the gifts. Simonica is glad seeing the dance troupe as this has made her work even easier. 

9:34pm- Abhi is disappointed that the party has begun without him but he comes to terms with the fact that no one remembers his birthday.

9:41pm- Simonica tries to get the packet containing the bomb inside the house. She sees that there is a metal detector at the entry.

9:44pm- Simonica pretends to have some urgent work inside and tells the security guard that she is in a hurry. The security guard does not comply.

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