In the previous episode, Abhi and Disha bring back Poorab home,on doctor’s recommendation. Dadi advises Disha to take care of Poorab, as he rarely expresses his needs. Sangram calls Disha but Abhi talks to him and tells him that he is on a police lookout throughout the city, so he cannot run away from the city. Pragya comes home and asks how Poorab met with the accident but everyone tries to evade the question. Ultimately, they have to spell it out to her. In addition, Disha also pleads Pragya to reveal her true identity to Abhi, as its been a long time.

9:00pm- Disha tries to persuade Pragya to reveal her true identity to Abhi. pragya thinks about it and rewinds all that Disha said to her. 

9:02pm-  Pragya replays the past in her head, while reliving all the past moments, thinking to herself about all the previous Valentine’s Days she spent with Abhi. She feels that she must not make it later than this to reveal her identity to Abhi.

9:04pm- Pragya gets close to Abhi and he immediately wakes up asking what she was trying to do. She tries to cover herself up. Abhi tells her that he won’t let her go until she tells him the truth. 

9:06pm-  Disha has decorayed her room for Poorab and he is pleasantly surprised to see all this. Disha asks Poorab to make her a promise- that he’ll continue loving her the way he does. 

9:09m- Alia decides to go to Poorab’s room to ask for his health. Just as Alia enters his room, she sees Poorab and Disha in an embrace. Alia is disappointed to see this and leaves the room immediately.

9:11pm- Pragya wishes Abhi for Valentine’s Day. They imagine crossing into Abhi’s dreamland where he meets his Fuki. They indulge in a romantic dance sequence in the dreamland.

9:15pm- In actuality, Abhi showers Pragya with flower petals. 

9:20pm- Abhi asks Pragya when will he get his real Valentine and she suggests that maybe it might be true. Abhi teases Dadi that her boyfriend is coming to meet her. 

9:26pm- Pragya is in the kitchen, preparing a meal for the family. Disha comes in asking her whether she needs help but pragya tries to send her off. 

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