In the previous episode, Alia asks Poorab to move out of the house with Disha as she cannot bear both of them staying in the house as she still feels for Poorab. Abhi decides to call off the deal and when King asks him why he is doing so, he responds saying that it is because of him and his wife. 

9:00pm- King asks Abhi to mind his language but Abhi tells him that he knows what he is saying and leaves in rage. The organiser calls after him but he does not listen. King ensures him that he’ll do the world album alone and he must relax.

9:02pm- Disha complains to Poorab that he never told her that Alia loved him. While he is addressing the issue, Poorab gets a call informing him that Abhi has refused to do the album. King goes out to try to talk him into the album.

9:05pm- King goes home and informs Pragya that Abhi has refused to do the album. She is worried and asks the reason to which he says that Abhi is probably scared of him. He tells her what is at stake and Pragya is worried that Abhi is destroying his career because of her.

9:08pm- At Mehra house, everyone is tensed that Abhi has refused to do the album. Alia tries to talk him into the album. She tells him that he has already once suffered in his career because of Pragya. Abhi is adamant that he would not do the album. 

9:13pm- Abhi remembers all that has unveiled in the past days. He affirms to himself that Pragya is his, and only his.

9:21pm- Pragya thinks to herself that she is bothered by Abhi leaving the contract as he is doing it because of her. She swears to get him to agree for the contract. 

9:22pm- Alia tries to talk to Abhi but he does not open the door to his room. Dadi asks her to come along to the wedding as Abhi will be alright. 

9:28pm- Alia asks Tanu to get Abhi to agree to the album but Tanu refuses saying that they are not friends anymore. Pragya calls Abhi to talk to him.

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