In the previous episode, the manager of the jewellery shop calls Pragya to inform her of the lady in the burqa. Pragya gets tensed and tells about this to Poorab. Poorab suggests her and Disha to calm down and be alert during the party as it is their chance to catch the killer. Simonica tries to enter the house, pretending to be in a hurry bt she is stopped at the security check.

9:00pm- Simonica reluctantly stands at the podium to go through the security check. Just as her bag is about to be checked, a domestic help comes in and asks the security guard to let her go off.

9:03pm- Everyone is enjoying the dance performance by the troupe and Poorab is alert. Abhi comes downstairs and sees that the party is going on in full swing.

9:05pm- Abhi goes to wish Disha but it completely skips her mind that she is to pretend that it’s her birthday. A few people come to wish Abhi but Dadi takes them away.

9:08pm- Poorab and Pragya bring all the gifts in a room and start checking them using a metal detector. None of the gift boxes have anything suspicious.

9:10pm- Pragya meets Simonica on her way out but Simonica manages to hide her packet from her.

9:11pm- Poorab is tensed as to what if the gift box comes inside the house through some other way. Abhi sees Pragya in the hall and thinks that she is the prettiest of all.

9:13pm- Everyone appreciates Abhi’s dance and Disha acts modest in front of all. Disha is about too let out the secret of the birthday party but everyone covers her up. Abhi wonders why Disha said “birthday girl” instead of “birthday boy”. 

9:21pm- Simonica threatens Sangram that she does not want anyone to know about her plan. Just as she is doing this, Alia comes in the kitchen and questions why Simonica is showing a knife to the cook. Simonica covers herself up. 

9:28pm- Simonica is secretly happy that her plan will become successful today. Abhi can’t wait any longer and tries to get Pragya to tell him the truth.

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