In the previous episode, Disha persuades Pragya to reveal her real identity to Abhi as it has been quite long since Abhi is waiting for his Fuki. Pragya tells Abhi that he might get a valentine gift, hinting at she might reveal her real self to him. Abhi and Pragya celebrate Valentine’s day in Abhi’s dreamland. Poorab and Disha also indulge in celebrations but are disturbed by Alia’s uncalled-for entry into their room. Pragya decides to make Abhi’s favourite food, in lieu of Valentine’s Day celebrations.

9:00pm- Indu Dadi comes to take breakfast for Dadi and offers help to Pragya, but she declines. Poorab is leaving for office and asks Disha to not wait for him as he’d get late. Abhi’s secretary comes to their house and thinks to herself that today will be the day when she’ll take revenge against Pragya. Disha tells Poorab about Pragya’s Valentine’s surprise and she eavesdrops and comes up with a plan.

9:05pm- Pragya is engaged in preparing the meal when Abhi’s secreatry comes and stand sat the door, waiting for Pragya to get out of the kitchen. Tanu comes there and orders Simonica to get breakfast for her and Alia. 

9:07pm-Pragya asks Simonica to take their breakfast as she is preparing a special meal for Abhi. 

9:09pm- Abhia nd Poorab are on their way for the meeting. Poorab sees Sangram’s ‘wanted’ posters on the road and Abhi tells him that he has asked the commissioner to do a lookout for Sangram.

9:11pm- Tanu tells Alia that she fears that Pragya will ask them to do all the household chores, as she has sent all the help on an off. Simonica and Alia enter into a brawl. Tanu stops them.

9:13pm- Pragya serves breakfast to Dadi and Indu Dadi and they force her to eat with them. They feed her with their own hands. Simonica is glad that the kitchen is vacant and she can execute her plan now. 

9:20pm- Simonica goes into the kitchen and sees that Pragya has prepared a lavish meal. She decides to cut the LPG cylinder pipe so that the gas leaks and catches fire when she comes and lights the stove. 

9:26pm- Alia shouts at Tanu as she is least bothered about what Simonica said to them. Disha goes into the kitchen what all Pragya has prepared. Simonica immediately goes behind the counter to hide. Disha goes out to ask Pragya if she needs any help. Simonica gets back cutting the pipe and is successful. Simonica is thinking what can be done in order to cover the smell of the gas leakage.

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