In the previous episode, Swarni dadi tells everyone that Pragya is back. Mitali tell everyone that she saw her too. Abhi is shocked to hear the news. Pragya manages to talk King into not calling off the deal. He promises Pragya that he’ll make everything alright but won’t let her come in between. Tanu reiterates that she is Abhi’s wife but Abhi makes it clear that it is only for the sake of the world. 

9:00pm- Dasi asks Abhi whether he loves Pragya or not and it reminds him of all that Pragya did with him. His eyes get welled up and Dasi asks him to bring her back. Indu dadi takes her to her room so that she can take rest. 

9:03pm- Indu dadi tells her that Pragya is not in Delhi and therefore, she must be mistaken. Kiyara is in her room, talking to her doll. She thinks of calling Abhi so that he can return her doll. 

9:05pm- Pragya comes back and Kiyara slides her phone towards her, but drops it. Kiyara wants to show Abhi’s picture to her on the television but Pragya is busy picking her phone. By the time she can see it, his visual disappears. Pragya takes her to sleep.

9:08pm- Disha tells Dasi how she thinks Pragya will never come back. She tells her how Abhi has been equally sad since Pragya left. Abhi is thinking of Abhi while drinking. He hallucinates thinking of Pragya. Dasi walks upto him and tries to talk him into bringing her back. She asks him to swear by her.

9:14pm- Pragya asks Tarun whether everything is alright and he assures her that it is. She goes to talk to King’s chachi. Seeing her leave the room, Kiyara decides to call Abhi.

9:20pm- Abhi and King talk with each other and King tells him that Abhi does not value relationships. Abhi challenges King and tells him that he swears to change his life by defeating him. While King is driving back to the hotel, Tarun thinks of informing Pragya about his rash driving but her phone is engaged as Kiyara is calling Abhi.

9:28pm- While driving, Abhi thinks of Pragya and the way his life was when she was in it. 


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