In the previous episode, the prosecutor brings forth witnesses who testify against Abhi. Pragya is stuck in traffic and is not able to reach the court on time. She drags Avantika along with herself in an auto. Avantika will pretend to be Simonica to prove Abhi’s innocence.

9:00pm- The prosecutor shows a video clip in the court, which further testifies the crime. Mitali tries calling Pragya but he phone is not reachable. The judge is about to arrive at his judgement that Abhi is guilty.

9:03pm- Pragya enters the court and tells the judge that Simonica is alive. She calls her inside and everybody is shocked. The media bombards her with questions.

9:05pm- Avantika is brought in for interrogation and she answers all the questions posed at her. She is asked what had happened and she narrates the entire story and says that she got down through a ladder. The prosecutor finds fault in her story. 

9:09pm- Simonica is asked whether she can identify any of the witnesses and she identifies the auto driver. The prosecutor asks for another date but the judge refuses to grant one. The judge is about to pass his judgement that Abhi is innocent but the court gets adjourned for lunch.

9:12pm- Everybody is happy now that Abhi is just a step away from his freedom.

9:14pm- Abhi plans to celebrate his freedom with his family and everyone is in happy tears because of the results of efforts Pragya has put in. 

9:20pm- Poorab goes to talk to Avantika and thanks her for standing by her words. Watching them talk, Abhi is surprised that Avantika has taken all the blame onto herself for money and property. Avantika calls her husband to collect the papers from the registrar’s office.

9:27pm- The judge is about to pass his judgement when the prosecutor interrupts him and declares that she is not Simonica but Avantika. Everyone is shocked as to how he has gotten to know. He shows her identity proofs in the court.

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