In the previous episode, Swarni dadi asks Abhi to swear upon her to bring Pragya back to the house. Everyone tries to tell her why that is impossible but she is not ready to listen. Kiyara decides to call Abhi to ask him to give his doll back. Abhi challenges King that he’ll make sure he experiences the first defeat of his life.

9:00pm- Kiyara calls on Abhi’s phone and Tanu picks up the phone. Kiyara pleads her to return the doll. 

9:02pm- While she is talking to her, Pragya comes into the room and calls out her name. Hearing her voice through the phone, Tanu is reminded of Pragya and how everyone deems her to be the right fit for Abhi. Pragya takes the phone from Kiyara and apologises on her behalf. Tanu is flushed and cannot speak. She drops the phone.

9:06pm- Kiyara is adamant on fighting with her and bringing back her doll. Pragya promises her that she’ll get it back. Tanu drops the phone in water and therefore can’t even extract the number now. Tanu tries to calm herself thinking that maybe she’s just mistaken.

9:09pm- Abhi is driving rashly and collides with King’s car. Both of them come out of the car to see the other person. They enter into a verbal brawl. Abhi tells him that he gets angry seeing him and does not get good vibes from him. King reciprocates same feelings.

9:13pm- Tarun comes to take King away. In the meanwhile, the police comes on the spot and takes Abhi and King to the jail.

9:18pm- Tarun calls Pragya to inform her that they are in the police station. Pragya immediately leaves for the police station. Tanu asks Poorab to come along with her to the police station. 

9:21pm- Even in the police station, Abhi and King enter into an argument. 

9:27pm- Pragya reaches the police station and Tarun narrates the entire episode to her. Tanu reaches the police station to asks Poorab not to instruct her. 

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