In the previous episode, Avantika pretends to be Simonica and the court gets adjourned before the judge can pass the judgement that Abhi is innocent. Everyone gets happy knowing that Abhi will be let off. Just as the judge is about to pass the final judgement, the prosecutor proves that she is not Simonica but Avantika.

9:00pm- The prosecutor claims that Pragya forced Avantika to pretend to be Simonica. The prosecutor instigates Avantika to reveal her identity. Avantika says that since she was in need to of money, Pragya proposed a deal to her.

9:03pm- The court gets adjourned for a while as the defence lawyer pretends to fall ill, on Poorab’s request. Avantika thanks the lawyer for agreeing to realise her plan. She had provided him with all the information and necessary documents the previous night.

9:06pm- Everyone is sad that now Abhi’s chances of coming across as innocent have even reduced. Alia claims Pragya to be Abhi’s enemy but everyone dismisses her.

9:09pm- Avantika tells Pragya that she’d been right in the beginning and she is actually Simonica. She’d done exactly what Pragya had said. Simonica tells her the entire ploy she’d planned and Pragya is shocked and disturbed to hear the truth. 

9:14pm- Disha comes and takes Pragya away as the session is about to be resumed. The public prosecutor appeals to the court for capital punishment for Abhi. The defense lawyer wants to ask a few questions to Pragya.

9:16pm- Pragya is called into the witness box.

9:21pm- Pragya raises the question as to how Avantika could recognise the autodriver. The prosecutor responds to her claim in Simonica’s defense. Pragya asks for some time to prove that she is Simonica and not Avantika.

9:23pm- Poorab comes in with witnesses to prove this.

9:26pm- Poorab gets a handwriting analyst and a forensic expert to prove to testify.

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