In the previous episode, Abhi and King get involved into an accident and police arrives on the spot. They take both of them to the police station to resolve the matter. Tanu is called and informed of Abhi’s arrest. She goes to the police station along with Poorab. Tarun informs Pragya about King’s arrest and she reaches the police station too. Tanu hears Pragya’s voice the phone when Kiyara calls her for her doll.

9:00pm- Tanu enters the police station and tells a constable that she has come to meet Abhi. Meanwhile Poorab goes to answer a phone call. Tanu goes into the inspector’s room and asks him whether he did anything wrong to Abhi. Poorab comes in and recognises the inspector as his friend. Abhi excuses himself to use the restroom.

9:03pm- King tells Pragya that it was not his fault and Pragya responds saying that his getting arrested can turn out to be a big deal in the country and bad for his reputation. She leaves the room to talk to the inspector on her own. Abhi crosses the room as she comes out of it and drops her handkerchief. Abhi picks it up and recognises it as Pragya’s due to its distinct fragrance.

9:06pm- Abhi asks a constable who dropped the same and she directs him towards where she went off too. The inspector tells Pragya that the other party is keen on suing King and Pragya offers to talk to him personally to talk him out of it. 

9:10pm- ABhi bends down to pick up the kerchief he has dropped and sees Pragya talking to the inspector. He starts happy crying seeing her and reminisces about the past.

9:12pm- The inspector tells Pooran and Tanu that it would be difficult to let go off Abhi so easily. Tanu explicitly asks the inspector what he’d settle for and Poora asks him to keep quiet and says that he’ll deal with the police. Tanu enters into a verbal brawl with a constable.

9:20pm- Pragya pleads the inspector to let go off King and Abhi hears her talking to him as he is about to approach her. He is shocked and heartbroken at the same time. He is lost in thoughts and Tanu takes him away.

9:22pm- Poorab convinces the the inspector to let go of Abhi without pressing any charges against him. Tanu asks Poorab to take him and come outside. Pragya convinces the other inspector to let go of King too.

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