In the previous episode, everyone is rejoicing in the celebrations at the Mehra house. Dadi makes an announcement about Disha’s pregnancy. Simonica has run away fro police custody and reaches the Mehra house, clad in a waiter’s attire.

9:00pm- Everyone goes onto the dance floor after Dadi’s announcement. Disha has to go somewhere but as she is walking, she collides with Simonica. However, she realises it later that she was Simonica.

9:02pm- By the time Disha realises, Simonica goes into the first floor and Disha runs after. She is able to catch hold of her but Simonica fires the pistol and the chandelier falls down. Seeing Simonica upstairs, Poorab runs behind her to catch her.

9:05pm- Simonica is able to run away from the house. Abhi is hurt and consequently, Alia is agitated. She starts yelling that all that is happening is because of her. Abhi asks her to keep quiet but she does not adhere to it. 

9:07pm- Dadi counters Alia’s rant by saying that Pragya has helped them come out of all problems. But Alia says that Pragya has been the cause of all problems.

9:09pm- Abhi gets angry and shouts at Alia to keep quiet. Alia gets quietened and says that she’ll pray to God that Abhi soon realises who his enemies are. Alia has decided that she’ll leave the house and go away to London.

9:11pm- Poorab comes in and says that Simonica has run away but he has called the police and they will catch her.

9:13pm- Abhi has to go to Bangalore for some work and he asks Pragya to promise that she or no one else will go out of the house till he comes back. 

9:19pm- Tanu goes to meet Simonica and asks her to kill Pragya instead of Abhi. She strikes a deal with her that she’ll help her kill Pragya.

9:21pm- One of Simonica’s men calls Pragya to inform about her whereabouts. He asks her to reach to the spot with police as soon as possible.

9:26pm- Dadi tries to stop Pragya from going out but Pragya convinces her to let her go. However, Dadi goes behind her t protect her. Simonica mistakes her to be Pragya.

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