In the previous episode, Abhi and Poorab have to go to Bangalore for some work. He asks Pragya to promise that she won’t go out of the house but Pragya has to break her promise as someone has just told her about SImonica’s whereabouts and she feels this is her only chance to catch her. Dadi follows her out of the house and reaches the place where Simonica has been hiding.

9:00pm- Seeing Dadi, Simonica plans to kill her but they enter into a physical strangling. Hearing police sirens, Simonica shoots her and she falls unconscious. Pragya is helpless.

9:04pm- At the hospital, Alia shouts at Pragya and tells Abhi that Simonica has shot Dadi. The doctor comes in and says they might need blood and Tanu offers to donate blood. 

9:06p- The doctor declares that Dadi is no more in the world. Abhi is in denial that Dadi has died. Abhi tries to wake her up. 

9:08pm- Alia blames Pragya for all this. She shouts at her for always doing whatever she pleases. Abhi seconds Alia. He also shouts at Pragya. He says that she has killed Dadi. 

9:10pm- Abhi says that he never believed Alia when she said that he’ll lose all his close ones because of Pragya but now he regrets not listening to her. Pragya cannot even defend herself. 

9:15pm- Abhi breaks all relations with Pragya and says that he’ll forget that he once fell in love with her.

9:21pm- Abhi asks her to get out of his life. He claims that even Pragya is dead for him now.

9:22pm- Pragya walks away from him and jumps off from a height and kills herself.

9:26pm- The show has taken a leap and Abhi is trying to pick a jacket for himself. Poorab’s kid comes in and blackmails him saying that he’ll tell his chachi that Abhi has forgotten their anniversary. 


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