In the previous episode, Kiyara spots Abhi in the same hotel as hers and asks him to return her doll. Abhi asks her for another day with the doll and Kiyara agrees only on one condition. She asks him to sign up as her father for her activities to which Abhi agrees. Pragya comes looking for Kiyara and sees her going upstairs with someone.

9:00pm- She runs towards Kiyara and hugs her. Kiyara shows her the “doll thief”. She asks her whether she asked his name but Kiyara has forgotten it. Pragya tells Kiyara that she knows she got someone else to sign in as her father.

9:02pm- Abhi reaches the hotel floor and tells him he was with Kiyara and how she relieved him of all his tensions. He tells him how he feels connected to her and expresses his desire to have a daughter. 

9:05pm- Alia comes to call Abhi inside. Kiyara is hungry and wants to have milkshake which Pragya refuses. Pragya expresses her desire to meet the “doll thief” and thank him for taking care of Kiyara.

9:08pm- In the meeting, the organisers state that they want to cast Abhi with another celebrity to which Alia expresses her disinterest. Abhi and King are shocked to see each other. They enter into a verbal brawl and are on the verge of fighting with each other physically. Abhi asks him not to come in front of him ever again. 

9:13pm- Kiyara and Pragya go to the coffee shop and place their order. Tanu and her friend come to the same coffee shop. Tanu goes to place her order while Pragya is still at the counter.

9:20pm- Abhi is angry at Alia as he feels that it is because of her that he has to listen to taunts by King. He asks her to be careful while arranging for meetings and makes it clear that he will never work with him. King comes and says the same.

9:27pm- Pragya and Tanu go to the same washroom to clean their clothes off the spilled coffee.

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