In the previous episode, Abhi and Pragya are in the bank while the robbers threaten others that they’d shoot them if they don’t cooperate. Abhi tries to call the police station but the lines are cut before he can convey the message to the police station. Abhi and Pragya think of using the fire alarm to everyone’s rescue.

9:00pm- Abhi proposes to go alone to switch on the fire alarm by doing something. Pragya tells him that she won’t let him and when Abhi asks her why she wouldn’t let him go, she responds saying that she fears that something could go wrong as they have guns. However, Abhi convinces her that he must go alone. Pragya asks him to come back to her soon. 

9:03pm- Pragya looks for some article that would help her in times of need. Abhi goes out and is spotted and the robber comes behind him. Another one goes to the room Pragya is hiding in to find her. She takes her into her hold. Abhi pushes down the robber on the floor and kicks him. He takes his walkie talkie. Pragya is brought downstairs.

9:07pm- Pragya tries to retaliate but the robber threatens her with her life. The robber threatens Abhi to come downstairs or he would come and get him. Abhi tries to look for Pragya in the room but cannot find her. He catches hold of a gun and points it toward the robber but he evades Abhi. 

9:13pm- The bank manager manages to get out and calls the police to come and rescue everyone. Abhi manages to fool the robber and run away.

9:21pm- The robbers let go of everyone as they get scared of Abhi and know that the police is about to arrive. Pragya is glad that Abhi has been able to rescue everyone.

9:27pm- The robber is angry that he had to let go off everyone. One of them, however, tries to break the locker and Abhi sees him.

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