In the previous episode, Disha realises that the cook they’ve appointed is Sangram in disguise. She shouts and creates an alarm, leading to everyone surrounding her and Sangram, and everyone starts hitting Sangram. Hearing all this noise downstairs, Pragya rushes to the hall to fin everyone surrounding Sangram. Disha tells her the truth.

9:00pm- Hearing the noise, Abhi comes downstairs and slaps Sangram. The police arrests him and takes him away to the police station. 

9:01pm- Simonica’s helper gets her food to where she is hiding. However, he tells her that he cannot continue working for her as it might be dangerous for him to do so.

9:03pm- Dadi is sad that her kids have to face all the problems. Abhi asks her what the matter is and she suggests that she wishes that he and Pragya give her a grandchild soon. 

9:06pm- Pragya decorates the room as she is keen on telling Abhi the truth about her identity. However, Abhi is drunk and cannot even walk straight. Abhi justifies his drinking by saying that he felt something really good is about to happen to him. 

9:08pm- Pragya tells him that she is about to tell him something that will give him a lot of happiness. He says that he is sleepy and is about to go to sleep. He does not want Pragya to be able to tell him the truth right away. Pragya picks him up from the bed.

9:10pm- Abhi asks her to first formulate what she wants to say and then tell him the next morning. Pragya asks him to keep quiet and listen to her. She is about to tell him the truth when he distracts her. Abhi is not ready to listen to what Pragya wants to say to him. 

9:12pm- Abhi continues to talk about everything else so that he does not have to listen to what Pragya has to say to him. He walks out of the room, saying that he’ll sleep outside. 

9:14pm- Pragya is keen on telling him the truth today itself but Abhi has managed to evade her.

9:15pm- Pragya goes to Poorab and Disha’s room and hears noises from the room too. She shouts out their names and Disha wakes Poorab up from his dreams.

9:20pm- Pragya tells them her plight that Abhi is not ready to listen to what she is to say. Disha persuades her to go ahead and wake him up from his sleep.

9:22pm- She tells her that this is a battle which she has to win. Poorab also agrees to what Disha has said and Pragya gets energised enough to go and tell Abhi the truth.

9:26pm- Pragya goes to her room, to see Abhi sleeping there. She tries to wake him up but he does not. She plans to put water over him so that he can wake up. Since he is only pretending to be asleep, he wakes up before she can do that. He pretends go back to sleep again. 

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