In the previous episode, Abhi and Pragya dance with their respective spouses but haven’t forgotten and gotten over each other yet. Pragya’s husband is about to get arrested in London but she pleads the police to let him off. Tanu and Abhi are shown to be happy with their marriage. 

9:00pm- Pragya gives King a good news that he has been selected as one of the musicians for a international level album release. He has to go to Delhi to complete some formalities.

9:03pm- Alia tells Dasi that Pragya was a bad influence for the family and for Abhi. She’d made his heart and mind paralysed. Dasi says that Alia cannot see her brother’s anguish and that he is still in love with Pragya.

9:05pm- King asks Pragya to come along with him for his tour and bring along Kiyara too. However, Pragya refuses to go to Mumbai with him as she is apprehensive that she might come across Abhi in Mumbai.

9:07pm- Alia asks Dasi to not even mention Pragya in their house as Abhi does not have time to pay attention to his past. Alia is in complete denial of this. Dasi says that the silence of all family members is an evidence that she is still alive in Abhi’s memories. 

9:15pm- Everyone talks to one of heir old relatives on video call. She says she’s coming to visit them the next day and she asks them to send Pragya to receive her. Tanu overhears their conversation and gets angry at everyone. She asks everyone to get back to their respective work. Dasi prays to God to send Pragya back into their lives.

9:19pm- Alia points out Tanu’s bad behaviour to the family members. Tanu says that she does not need her advice and knows how to handle the house. Alia asks her not to forget that Abhi still hasn’t let her in his room. 

9:22pm- While they are going to the airport, Pragya is tensed if she would meet Abhi, however, she wants to see him at least once. Kiyara remembers that she has forgotten her dolls at home and asks the driver to turn the car around.

9:28pm- Kiyara is able to find her dolls and seeing them, Pragya remembers her days with Abhi . 

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