In the previous episode, “King” has got a collaboration opportunity in India. He asks Pragya to come along with him for the same tour. Kiyara has forgotten her dolls at home and she asks them to go back to the house. Seeing the dolls, Pragya remembers her old days with Abhi. At the Mehra house, Tanu behaves rudely with everyone and asks Alia not to interfere in how she runs the house. 

9:00pm- Pragya is reminded of her old days after seeing the dolls. She packs them carefully and they leave the house.

9:02pm- Alia comes to Abhi’s room and tells him she has a good news for him. She tells him that he has received a contract to collaborate with world renowned artists. Abhi is happy to hear the same. Poorab tells him about this musician “King” but Abhi does not pay attention to him.

9:05pm- In the plane, Kiyara asks Pragya whether she knows anyone who resembles her doll- Rocky. Pragya denies the same even though she remembers Abhi. She reminisces the days when Abhi used to be in love with her and couldn’t live without her. Pragya wonders why she can’t stop missing him. 

9:10pm- Dasi calls Abhi to ask him where he is and she tells him that a relative is coming over. She asks him to go pick her up from the airport. King, Pragya and Kiyara land in Delhi too.

9:13pm- Abhi enters the airport as he has a few contacts with the airport authorities. King asks Pragya and Kiyara to wait in the waiting lounge while he tends to something important.

9:20pm- Kiyara shows her dolls that they’ve come to India. Pragya sees King swarmed by his fans at the airport and wonders that he is such a nice man who has supported them throughout. 

9:26pm- Just as Abhi comes in Pragya’s vicinity, both of them have a peculiar tingling which makes them believe that they are in close proximity to each other. They walk around the place trying to figure out where the other one is. Abhi’s friend asks what the matter is and he states that she is here. 

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