Kumkum Bhagya 4 July 2018 Full Episode Written Updates: In the previous episode Kumkum Bhagya, Abhi is taken to the hospital once the robbers are arrested. Pragya goes home with her family. Kiyara tells Pragya that she that the doll thief promised her that he’d rescue Pragya. Chachi tells Pragya how tensed King was her and how much he missed her while she was away.

9:00pm- King tells Pragya that he had tried contacting higher authorities in order to save Pragya. He also mentions that he would try and become friends with Abhi as he helped save Pragya’s life. He has to leave for some work. Pragya feels anxious when King leaves.

9:03pm- At the hospital, Dadi and dasi are tensed about Abhi’s condition. The doctor tells them that they are helpless as the wounds would heal at their own pace. Dasi taunts Tanu about her demeanour. Pragya tries to call on Abhi’s number to get to know how he is doing. Since his number is not reachable, Pragya asks Tarun to give her his manager’s number. She is reminded of her last encounter with Alia and is immediately deterred from calling. However, she gathers courage and calls her.

9:08pm- Alia instead starts shouting at Pragya and asks Pragya to stay away from Abhi. Pragya starts crying and hangs up as she cannot handle her speaking wrong about her. Tanu asks Alia who it as on the phone. Alia asks Tanu to pay attention to the house and the family. She tells her it was Pragya who has been trying to come back to Abhi’s life. Tanu gets angry hearing this and asks Alia to control herself.

9:15pm- Pragya takes out Abhi’s handkerchief to wipe her tears. She remembers her past with Abhi and how she’d stop Abhi from talking ill about himself. 

9:22pm- Alia asks Tanu to beware of Pragya and asks her to control herself as her anger would lead her to lose Abhi. 

9:28pm- King asks Pragya not to fret over anything.

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