The episode begins with Pragya telling Alia and Tanu that they got the papers signed by Pragya and not Munni. She shatters their dreams of owning all the property. Alia is in denial. Pragya tells Alia that the kids are now with Munni. Alia and Tanu ask Pragya for the keys to the cupboard where the files are kept but Pragya refuses to give them the same. Mitali wants to go inside but Abhi’s secretary stops her from going inside. Pragya slaps Tanu in the meanwhile and Tanu believes that she is Pragya. Alia asks Tanu to call Pinky so that she can prove that the kids are still with them. Pragya makes it clear that she knows even the minutest details and she has brought the kids back. Pragya shows them the files and her signatures on the papers. Alia and Tanu are in shock and they find it hard to believe the truth. Alia is still in denial and refuses to believe that she is Pragya. She cross-questions Pragya. But Pragya only responds by saying that the truth is that she is Pragya and Alia can’t change it.

Biji is elated that she has been able to make her will and put Pragya’s name as the nominee. Biji gives a jewellery set to Pammi too and she becomes happy seeing it. Mitali is given a gift too.

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