In the previous episode, Pragya and Abhi finally meet each other but are unable to talk to each other. Abhi feels that he must talk to her. Pragya sees it as God’s sign and feels that she must talk to him and tell her everything.
9:00pm– As Pragya goes to talk to Abhi, King comes in between and tells her that he has been looking for her. He takes her for a dance. After their dance, everybody compliments them.

9:05pm– Abhi asks King for a dance with Pragya to which he agrees. Abhi and Pragya dance with each other but Pragya can no more stay on the stage. She storms off and walks away.
9:10pm– King feels that Abhi has started liking Pragya and tells her the same. Abhi is sad and depressed.
9:15pm– Tanu collides with Kiyara at her home and realises that she is Pragya’s daughter. She immediately gets alerted. Sunny comes and takes her along as everyone is calling her.
9:22pm– Pragya wants to talk to Abhi but he walks away from her. She goes behind him and chachiji follows her. Pragya calls out to Abhi and he is forced to stop. Pragya walks towards Abhi as Abhi has stopped in the way. He can’t help but remember how she used to call him out similarly when they were together. Pragya walks towards Abhi in an attempt to talk to him. Abhi has to wait.
9:25pm– Pragya takes him to her room, offering to put medicine on his wounds. 

9:28pm- Pragya takes him inside to apply medicines on his wounds but he just cannot stop looking at her. He reminisces about his past and all the good memories they had. Pragya continues looking at Abhi with eyes of longing. She hasn’t been able to get over him completely.

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