In the previous episode, Pragya takes Abhi to her room to apply medicine on his wounds. Abhi tells her that he has been really hurt seeing her having married someone else. Tanu realises that she must ask Kiyara for her mother’s name but Kiyara lies to her thinking that Sunny has sent Tanu so that she loses the game.

9:00pm- Pragya and Abhi complain about how both of them have moved forward in their lives, having forgotten them. Abhi mentions that she is still waiting for her. Pragya says that Abhi married for his financial benefits. She also mentions that King understands her. She tells him that their ways are separate  now.

9:05pm- Abhi asks her whether she is scared what King might think of her if he sees them together. Pragya asks him to keep quiet as he is no more than her ex husband.

9:07pm- King asks Tarun to look for Abhi and take care of him. When Tarun tells him he saw them together in a room, King just dismisses it without creating a scene. Tarun goes to call Pragya.

9:09pm- Kiyara tells Sunny that she is not scared of Tanu. She comes up with a prank to play on Tanu as she feels even Sunny must not be scared of her. They draw on her face.

9:14pm- When Pragya comes downstairs, King tells her that he is disappointed. The organiser announces cake cutting to celebrate the occasion. 

9:20pm- When Disha tells Poorab about Kiyara, he is surprised to learn that she has become Sunny’s best friend. Dasi tells him that she saw Pragya’s reflection in Kiyara.

9:22pm- When asked about Abhi, King replies saying that he is moody and must not be trusted.

9:27pm- Abhi remembers Pragya saying that now she is only bothered by King. He reminisces how they spent their life happily and wonders what they’ve come to.