The episode begins with Preeta and her family leaving the house to look for Janki. At the hospital, doctors have declared Janki dead and the vegetable vendor who took her to the hospital decides to leave. Prithvi and Aherlyn try to satisfy themselves by claiming that Janki must be dead by now. They drive back to the spot to assure themselves. Karan and Arora family go out on a search for Janki aunty. Karan calls Rishabh and tells him that Janki aunty has gone missing and Srishti had called him to help her. Rishabh asks him to wait at the spot and that he is coming soon. Rishabh meets Kareena on his way out of the house but she is not too happy with his decision to go and find him. Kareena tries to fill Mrs. Luthra with hatred towards the Aroras but she shuts her up. 

Rishabh reaches the spot and Preeta explains the entire incident to Rishabh. Karan conjectures that she might’ve wanted to tell something to their family. 

Sherlyn is really stressed whether Janki is actually dead. Prithvi tries to tell her that the vegetable vendor must’ve fled away. On their way, they spot the Aroras with Rishabh and Karan. They are wondering what they are doing in that area. They conjecture that they might’ve found Janki. Prithvi comes up with a plan through which he can get to know what the Aroras, Karan and Rishabh are discussing.  

Everone is really stressed as to where Janki is. Rishabh suggests going to the police station to lodge an FIR. Preeta agrees to it but she feels that she says something has happened to her. Prithvi gets to know that these people haven’t been able to find Janki. The vegetable vendor is passing the spot, talking to his mother and describing her the events of the day. Preeta and Karan start interrogating him. He tells them that she was lying on the road wounded and he took her to the hospital. Preeta calls up the hospital and enquires Janki’s details. She is told that Janki is dead. Preeta immediately breaks into sobs. Everybody is shocked. Prithvi, on hearing this, is elated.

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