In the previous episode, Pragya is about to tell Kritika about Sherlyn’s necklace but dadi calls her. Srishti goes to Sameer’s house to meet him but gets embarrassed when Rakhi comes and teases them. Pragya brings back dadi from the hospital.

9:30pm- Preeta walks dadi to her room. Karan pretends to have a pain in the shoulder so that he can come along with him. Karan takes her out of the room and tells her that this is a good way of bringing out Prithvi’s truth.

9:32pm- Preeta thinks Karan is mistaken that there is some other girl in his life. Prithvi calls back Preeta after seeing his missed call. Karan picks up the call. Karan tells him Preeta is busy and Prithvi gets agitated hearing that Preeta is with him. 

9:36pm- Karan comes up with a plan saying that he’ll give the necklace to saying that he found it in Prithvi’s car. Preeta finds out a flaw in the plan. Karan thinks of another plan to go ahead with.

9:38pm- Prithvi can’t stop thinking about Karan picking up Preeta’s call. He postpones his meeting due to the same. 

9:39pm- Kareena goes through all jewellery boxes to look for the necklace but can’t find it. Kareena shouts at her. Prithvi is constantly trying to call her. Rakhi thinks it’s her mom’s call and asks her to go out and receive it. Rakhi tries to pacify Kareena.

9:42pm- Prithvi tells Sherlyn that Preeta is in Karan’s room and she must go and check . Sherlyn gets angry at Prithvi and says that she will not go and check.

9:48pm- Akshay comes home and everyone teases him by Kritika’s name. Preeta comes home. Rakhi invites her to join them over tea.

9:51pm- Karan takes out Sherlyn’s necklace to give to her and everyone is shocked. Kareena asks Karan where he found that necklace.

9:56pm- Karan says Preeta found the necklace in the house and mistakenly took it home. Kareena claims that she robbed it. Kareena starts taunting her. Karan tries justifying her actions but Kareena asks him to keep quiet. Rishabh also tries to do the same but Sherlyn claims that Preeta is jealous of her.

9:58pm- Rakhi asks Sherlyn to keep quiet and takes Preeta’s side but Kareena is not to be deterred. 

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