In the previous episode, Neel and his men go to Preeta’s house but Neel realises that it was not her who saw them committing Tapsee’s murder. He doubts it was Srishti who was the one and asks his men to keep an eye on her and her whereabouts so that they can plan their revenge. Preeta and her family, sans Srishti, go to the Luthra house for the pooja. 

9:30pm- Prithvi reaches the Luthra house for the pooja and greets everyone. Karan and Rishabh are not happy with his presence. Sameer asks Rishabh whether Srishti has come and he responds saying that Preeta should arrive shortly. 

9:32pm- Karan goes outside to take a call and meets Preeta’s family. He taunts Preeta and they enter into a verbal brawl again. Preeta asks Karan not to behave badly with her ever again. 

9:36pm- Sameer comes to call Preeta inside and she goes along with him. She talks to Sameer about Srishti and asks whether he has fought with her. Sameer refuses and Preeta tells him that Srishti’s mood has been off and Sameer tells her that she behaved in a similar manner with him last night. 

9:39pm- Everybody sits around the pandal for the pooja. Akshay and Kritika perform the rituals. After the pooja, panditji reads everyone’s hands. Karan asks whether he’ll be successful in what he has been trying to do and panditji responds in affirmative.

9:44pm- Kritika asks him to read Preeta’s hand. Akshay asks Kritika to get him water immediately. Sarla tells panditji that they’ll come with Preeta’s kundali.

9:45pm- Akshay confronts Kritika and tells her that he wants a wife who only obeys him and Preeta sees his obsessive behaviour. Just as Preeta is about to talk to him about it, Rakhi comes in and she stops. 

9:48pm- Rakhi asks Preeta what the matter was and she dismisses it.

9:49pm- Preeta collides with Karan as she comes out of the guest room and is about to fall when Karan catches her. 

9:50pm- Preeta and Karan start arguing again. Srishti calls Preeta but she does not see the call as her phone is kept away. 

9:52pm- Neel and his men come to the Arora house and Srishti prepares herself to gather courage and seek justice. 

9:58pm- Neel and his men try to break into the house through Janki’s room. Srishti thinks of going to the police and lodging a complaint against them. Srishti hears the noise of somebody trying to break in.

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