In the previous episode, Srishti and Karan explicitly express their dislike for Prithvi to Preeta but Preeta is not deterred. Karan sees Sherlyn and Prithvi together in a car and swears to bring out Prithvi’s truth. Preeta covers up Srishti’s dislike in front of Sarla. Sarla asks her to return the necklace.

9:30pm- Sherlyn goes back to her house and wonders about the eventful day she has had. She decides to write about it in her slambook.

9:32pm- Srishti is at Luthra house, decorating the house for the party. She spots Karan and asks him whether he has thought anything to bring forth his truth. She says that they must save Rishabh as well as Preeta’s wedding. Kareena asks Sherlyn to take care of the arrangements for the party.

9:36pm- Srishti tactfully gets Sherlyn to keep down her purse and phone down so that she can sneak it. Kritika takes her aside and asks her why she is being so sweet with Sherlyn.

9:38pm- Srishti meets Rakhi on the way and indulges in small talk. She immediately becomes quiet when she sees Sameer. Rakhi wants to figure out what’s going on between them and sends them to the store room together.

9:40pm- Akshay comes home and Rishabh and Mahesh pull his leg seeing him with Kritika. Sherlyn is unable to find her phone. She looks around for her phone and spots Karan. She goes towards him to see what he has in his hands. She tries to come up with something due to which everyone thinks Karan is at fault.

9:48pm- Kareena tells Rishabh that SHerlyn is a nice person and how she came to the house in the morning to help out with arrangements for the party. Mahesh realises that Rishabh likes Preeta and not Sherlyn. Sherlyn drags Rishabh and takes him to Karan. 

9:50pm- Sherlyn asks Karan whether he dislikes her because he saw her with Prithvi. Karan is shocked.

9:56pm- Sherlyn tells Rishabh that Karan has her phone and he is disappointed. Rishabh talks to Karan but Sherlyn interrupts in between. Rishabh asks her to keep quiet as he will not listen to anything against her.

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